Wola Nani - Wendy and Child Picture

Income Generation (IG)

The model of income generation that is employed in Wola Nani is, that crafters produce products to order; Wola Nani facilitates the marketing and sale of products and the crafters receive payment on delivery and after stringent quality control checks. Learn More >

Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children's Project (OVC)

Wola Nani has embarked on an active programme supporting children with the goal of moving them from "vulnerability to resilience". Learn More >

Lay Counselling Service in Public Health Facilities (FBC)

Wola Nani has forged various partnerships through placement of lay counselors specializing in pre and post test HIV counselling at several health facilities in the Cape Town Metro Region. Learn More >

Research and Training Institute (RTI)

Wola Nani's Board of Directors approved the launch of RTI in April 2010 to provide a service to its clients and lend support to the HIV sector, including government through its long field-based practice and wealth of information. Learn More >