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CABSA assists Christians to respond to the AIDS pandemic in order to encourage caring Christian communities, ministering reconciliation and hope to people infected and affected with HIV. Through the CARIS project users have access to reliable information at all times.

WC NACOSA - Networking AIDS community of South Africa, Western Cape.

Wola Nani is a member of WC NACOSA, who work to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS through building capacity, networking and strengthening the multi-sectoral response to HIV/AIDS in the Western Cape.

As a membership body, WC NACOSA seeks to respond to its members' needs in the community and works closely with organisations in the field, both big and small. It is therefore able to represent its members, to lobby on Wola Nani's behalf and give informed and valuable feedback.

In return, WC NACOSA's members can provide information on issues and challenges at a grass roots level, and present a valuable pool of support to facilitate a united response to HIV/AIDS.

For more information:
Tel: +27 +21 425 4308

National AIDS Helpline – 0800 012 322

ATICC – AIDS Training Information Counselling Centre, Tel: +27 +21 797 3383

Life Line – Tel: +27 +21 461 1111

CHAiN – Children HIV/AIDS Network, Tel: +27 +21 425 4308

SWEAT – Sex Worker Education & Advocacy Taskforce, Tel: +27 +21 448 7875

Triangle Project – Tel: +27 +21 448 3812

TAC – Treatment Action Campaign, Tel: +27 +21 364 5489

Medicines sans Frontier -

Soul City –

Red Cross Society – Tel: 021 797 5360

Helpful Publications

Soul City
Tel: +27 +11 643 5852