Nozibele was born in Qumbu in the Eastern Cape and moved to Cape Town in 1987 in order to reunite with her mother and attend school. She currently resides with her brother, husband and her two children, a 19 year old son and 15 year old daughter. In 1999, after suffering with terrible headaches for a year, Nozibele visited a doctor where she was tested and discovered to be HIV+. She kept quiet about her status for three years until 2001 when she decided to confide in her aunt. Her aunt was very shocked and had trouble accepting the news. When Nozibele revealed her status to her husband, he too was shocked and didn't believe her. At first he refused to get tested, but eventually went in 2002 to find out his status; they now are both very supportive of each other and help care for one another.

Nozibele started attending support groups in Khayelitsha until she found out about a new clinic that had opened up in her town of Mfuleni. She now attends the Wola Nani support group in Mfuleni on a regular basis. She says that the support groups help her very much and have taught her how to live positively with HIV. She used to be scared about living with HIV but no longer fears the virus. Coupled with the support groups, Nozibele also works on the light bulb project with the income generation programme, which she has been a part of since 2004. She is very grateful for the opportunity to work on the project because she can send her daughter to school and contribute to supporting household expenses and buying food. She feels that she has really grown as a person since joining Wola Nani and is better educated and knows the facts about HIV that will enable her to live a long and productive life.