Nomfundo moved to the Western Cape in 1997 to finish school. After grade 11 she became pregnant, decided not to return to grade 12 and failed to earn her leaving certificate. She carried the baby to term and gave birth to a boy in 1998. When he was just a few months old, he died. Nomfundo discovered that HIV had weakened his immune system so much that he could not fight any infections or other illnesses. After her son died, she went to be tested and found out that she too was HIV+. She says that it was the most difficult thing she ever had to accept. She revealed her status to her sisters and says that they gave her support to carry her through the difficult time.

Nomfundo initially heard about Wola Nani when her baby was sick. The clinic said that Wola Nani was a place she could go to get solace and that there were a lot of other people with HIV that went to support groups and helped each other out. Since joining Wola Nani, Nomfundo has started a new life for herself. She was married in 2005 and gave birth to another son three years ago. Due to adhering to the treatment during pregnancy her son is HIV negative. She says he is a normal boy who loves to play with cars and balls.

In order to earn a living, Nomfundo joined the income generation programme in 2001 as a crafter on the papier mache team. The money she earns goes to buying things for her son and food for her family. She says that Wola Nani helps her feel emotionally strong.