How We Operate

Crafters Work from Home

"Wola Nani helped me a lot as I had no money to buy food. Beaded ribbons and making bangles means I can now buy food, vitamins and send my 2 children to school."

Wola Nani Craft project emerged in response to the need for unemployed, HIV positive woman to generate an income as early as 1994. Through a developmental, self help approach the project’s members have been able to take greater control of their lives and achieve a better quality of live.

We recruit the crafters from unemployed people living with HIV and AIDS from our support groups, run at our satellite offices in the townships or from the clinics we are based at. The criteria we use for selection is regular attendance of the support group, none or very little financial income in the family, a desire to produce craft and an ability to produce craft up the required standard after undergoing training.

Wola Nani’s role is to establish all the business infrastructure and systems that will allow us to access orders from businesses all over the world. We are responsible for the business plan, marketing, product development, production, quality control, crafter payments, customer orders, customer relations, invoicing statements etc.

Our main goal is to secure sufficient orders to supply the crafters with a sustainable income, whilst working towards becoming a financially sustainable project.

Crafters work from their homes in the township and bring their stock to our offices once a week. They hold a support group at our office and have lunch while we quality control their stock, issue new orders, issue raw materials and make payment directly into their bank accounts.

This stock is then packed and shipped to our customers locally and abroad. We sell approximately 70% of our stock internationally. 70% of the selling price of the product goes directly to the crafters and this therefore provides them with economic empowerment and also reinstalls a sense of worth and hope.

Wola Nani is currently a provisional member of the World Fair Trade Organisation ( WFTO). To view the ten principles of Fair Trade, please see here.

What do we make?

Wola Nani’s crafters produce recycled papier-mâché bowls, designer light bulbs, beadwork, recycled magazine mirrors, recycled paper jewellery, recycled paper lampshades and tea light candle holders.

We have a large selection of products and have therefore subdivided the products into ranges. The ranges are displayed in the various catalogues under the catalogue link.

There are a number of catalogues and each will deal with a product type, i.e. papier mache or beadwork, etc. and these product types may be subdivided into ranges. The catalogue title will provide a description of the product type and range, we hope this will assist you to efficiently locate the products you are interested in viewing.

Our best sellers – product type:

  • Recycled Papier-mâché
  • Tea Light Candle Holders
  • Beadwork
  • Designer Light Bulbs
  • Recycled Magazine Mirrors

Our best sellers – by size:

  • Small Round Bowl
  • Large Round Bowl
  • Very Small Round Bowl
  • Tiny Round Bowl
  • Medium Round Bowl

Or best sellers – by range:

  • Papier-mâché – African Print
  • Papier-mâché – Label Range
  • Beadwork
  • Tea lights – Naturals
  • Papier-mâché – Shweshwe

How do I place an order?

  • Select items from the catalogues
  • Download the pricelist/order form – you will need to have an username and password, if you do not have an username and password you can apply for one at this point.
  • Complete and submit your order.
  • Prices are ex-works, so you need to pay for the shipping. Once we have your order we can estimate the shipping costs for you. We do not add anything to the shipping costs and want it to get to you as cost effectively as possible. We can supply you with three quotes or you can use your own shipper or even the post office.
  • Wola Nani will send you a sales order (quote)including the delivery date, which you can accept or decline.
  • Once you accept the sales order (quote) you will need to make payment before production begins. You can make payment into our bank account, which will be supplied to you on the sales order (quote) through any method preferred by you. Once payment is made please send the proof op payment to Alternatively you could use the credit card facilities available on our website.
  • Once we receive payment we will produce and ship your order in accordance with your shipping instruction and delivery date.