Help and Advice


If you would like to find out your HIV status you can visit your doctor or a local clinic or a non – medical HIV testing site. In South Africa, patient confidentiality around HIV means your doctor can not discuss or disclose your HIV status to anyone else without your prior permission.

However, if you would feel more comfortable, there are a number of freely available services providing discreet and confidential counseling and testing that you can access.

What to expect

The appointment will include counseling, testing and discussion of the result.

The Test

Adults are provided with a rapid (Abbott) Determine test. A small pinprick is made and a droplet of blood drawn to apply to the test. It takes about 20 minutes to determine a result.

Attendants will also be offered the opportunity to take up a secondary confirmatory test if the first test result is positive.

If the confirmatory result is positive the person will be referred to a clinic for a full blood test.