Current supporters and Friends of Wola Nani

Donor/ Sector confidence in Wola Nani

As a non-profit organization any support we receive is greatly appreciated, and donations raised through this support is constantly helping us to achieve our goals. Through the support and generosity of these people and companies we are able to, more effectively, enhance the capacity of the HIV and AIDS sector.

Below is a list of donors who have shown confidence in our work and who support us regularly, some who have been with us from the start and who have been taking us from strength to strength. These donors include:

- Christian Aid
- Provincial Department of Health (PDoH)
- City of Cape Town
- CCFD (French Catholic Developmental Committee)
- Community Chest of the Western Cape
- ABSA Bank
- Elton John Aids Foundation
- DG Murray Trust
- South Africa Development Fund through our Patron, Pieter - Dirk Uys
- Fife Men
- Trusts and Individuals
- Department of Social Services
- Starfish Greathearts Foundation

More on some of our supporters

Mr Paul Golding (Absa Funder) and Mrs Moira Jones (Executive Director of Wola Nani)

Wola Nani - Mr Paul Golding

The Department of Health

Brenda Smuts from the Department of Health, expressed her support for the initiative; "We support Wola Nani as they provide opportunities to people living with HIV to make a positive contribution; to earn an income, support others and allow those who are infected to share their problems".

"The emphasis is on drawing in those people who are themselves infected. There are few programmes that we work with where PWAs (People with AIDS) are actually involved. With trained home carers and lay counsellors, they are able to participate in the whole AIDS arena. The emphasis is on those who are impaired. In this respect, I think they are unique."


ABSA bank is one of the leading banks is South Africa offering private, retail and corporate banking. Wola Nani has since 1997 enjoyed a successful relationship with ABSA. George Gibbs, Consultant, Corporate Social Investment, at ABSA commented, "ABSA was looking to support a service that makes a real difference at ground level. Wola Nani’s work is compassionate and committed, giving the people what they need. It enriches them, empowers them to earn an income and equips them with the skills to help themselves. It’s from the people, for the people, by the people. A service that’s right there in the community – a street level operation that alleviates suffering and hardship."


Wola Nani are constantly looking for new ways to improve and reach out to different people. Many people are interested in how NGOs work and often want to be part of the process. Since Wola Nani was first founded we have welcomed a number of interns from different countries. They have helped us in a number of ways, including marketing, finances, social work and design. We thank those who have helped Wola Nani! If you are interested in being an intern please do not hesitate to contact us.